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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

வண்டீனம் முரலும் சோலை --- ழ்வார் பாடல்

ராகம் --- தோடி
பாடியவர் --- சாருலதா மணி
இயற்றியவர் --- தொண்டரிப்பொடி ழ்வார்

இது ஸ்ரீ ரங்கத்தின் அழகைப் பற்றி ழ்வார் பாடியுள்ளார்

பாடலைக் கேட்க , இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்

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  • From ramanuja.org mailing list

    * vaNdina muralum sOlai
    * mayilinam aalum sOlai,
    * koNdalmee thaNavum sOlai
    * kuyilinam koovum sOlai,
    * aNdar_kO Nnamarum sOlai
    * aNithiru varanka mennaa,
    * miNdar_paayn^ thuNNum sORRai
    * vilakkin^aayk kidumi NneerE. (2) (14)

    vaNdu inam : the entire family/species of bees, wasps etc.
    muralum : hum or drone
    sOlai : garden
    mayil inam : peacock/peahen and other birds in related species
    aalum : dance (not to be confused with aaLum = rule)
    (similar as aadum)
    koNdal : clouds
    meethu : over
    aNavum : embrace
    kuyil inam : species of nightingales, can be generally taken
    to mean all those birds that sing nicely.
    koovum : literally the noice that nightingales make, also
    taken to mean nightingales calling each other
    aNdar : Devas
    kOn : king
    (aNdar kOn : the king of Devas)
    amarum : sit (majestically)

    aNi : decorative jewellery

    now to the importnat part

    miNdar : lowly people, also to mean ingrates
    paayndhu : jump
    uNNum : eat
    sORu : food
    vilakki : take it away
    naay : dog
    idumin : offer (condescendingly)


    Sri Rangam [is] a beautiful garden which is like a jewel
    [among the entire world], where

    1. bees swarm and hum around the flowers,
    2. peacocks dance
    3. clouds embrace from the top

    (note that one can flip 2 & 3, with 3 being the reason for 2)

    4. nightingales rejoice with their singing and
    5. the supreme Emperor of all the divine beings resides
    and rules over.

    [oh, you good minded people]! if you see any of those ingrates
    -- the people of lowly life, who don't utter the name "Sri
    Rangam" (which is so defined above) -- eat their food, just
    take the food away from them and throw that food to dogs.
    [These people don't deserve the Lord's food. Even dogs are
    better than these fellows.]

    By Blogger Nadopasana, at March 16, 2006 9:03 PM  

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